Ways to Work Together

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Breath Coaching – 4 Sessions

As a breath coach we will work together over the course of a month to get back to basics on the breath. Then we will work together to understand the ways you can use breath to help with energy, anxiety, sleep and more.

149.00 $

Best Lyfe Ever Coaching

Bronze Coaching: 1 Session

1 – 45 minute coaching session – Sessions are all done virtually for now.

99.00 $

Silver Package: 5 Sessions

4 – 45 minute coaching sessions – 1 – 90 minute Power goal setting session

399.00 $

Gold Package: 10 Sessions with unlimited email support

9 – 45 minute coaching sessions – 1 – 90 minute Goal Setting session – Unlimited email support

999.00 $

Best Lyfe Ever Foundations Course

Coming Soon!!! Learn how to start to live your best lyfe ever with some fundamentals. I will walk you through my mistakes and teach you the foundations to living your best lyfe!

179.00 $