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Moms, Stop overcomplicating it!

Why do we as women loooooovvvvvveeeee to over complicate things? Sometimes it’s the simplicity of things that actually gets it done. But as women, we tend to make things more than what they are.

Think about it. Have you ever been there trying to figure out how to get dinner on the table quickly for the family? You had this elaborate meal in your head that you were going to make. But then you get home and it’s dinner time. The kids are screaming and running around the house. You forgot about the soccer practice at 6 and that laundry you put in the wash, isn’t going to get to the dryer by itself.

Then all of a sudden, you have an epiphany. You remembered you had leftovers in the fridge along with those sweet potatoes that have been sitting on the counter to be cooked for over a week now (maybe even two weeks in my house). You quickly throw the sweet potatoes in the oven or InstantPot (whichever is your go-to) and the leftovers on reheat in the toaster oven. You go do the laundry, run one kid to soccer practice and when you’re done. Viola! Dinner is done and you accomplished it all.

Has this been you? Because I know it’s been me. On many occasions. That elaborate plan you had all day about making dinner and eating together goes out the window but when all is said and done, you managed to get the job done and quicker and easier than you anticipated.

Sometimes, all we need as super moms when we’re juggling our career, mom life, being a great wife and all the other things that come with life, is to just stop and figure out the quickest way to the end result.

Notice above, on top of everything, our family had a healthy meal that day. Everyone got where they needed to be and in the end the laundry was done. (Well at least it made it to the dryer but that’s a story for another day.)

So mom, I have some advice for you. Stop over complicating it. I know it’s easier said than done but here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Embrace imperfection: No! You do not have to be perfect! That’s right. I said it. In fact, you should be far from perfect because for one, perfection doesn’t exist so you will only drive yourself insane trying to achieve it. Two, if you were perfect, there would be no growing in your life and what kind of life would that be? Tony Robbins always says “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”
  2. Outsource: Yes! You do not have to do everything yourself! Did you hear me? You do not have to do everything yourself! In fact, it’s virtually impossible to do everything yourself if you are trying to manage a career, kids, wife, business owner, car pool driver, snack mom, fitness guru, professional chef. Um, what other hats do we wear? Look around you and see what you can give to someone else to do for once. Maybe even barter with others that you know can get the job done better than you. Buy some pre-done meals. Get a house cleaner. Whatever your budget, there’s a way to make it work.
  3. Stop pre-planning everything: Most of the time, it doesn’t work out the way you planned anyway. So relax and go with the flow. When we are in the flow of life or the Universe, sometimes it turns out even better than you could have ever expected. I promise. When we stop trying to control life, sometimes life has a better plan for us. Relax mom. It will be ok. I promise.

Practice makes perfect. Oh wait, there’s no such thing as perfect. But there is such a thing as practice. So relax because you are a mom. In the end, moms always find a way to make it work and so will you.

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best lyfe ever

Busy Mom? Who says you can’t have it all?

Hi! I’m Kristy from Best Lyfe Ever. For years people made me feel terrible for having a full time executive career where I was driven to do more, focus on my health and have kids. People told me, my career would have to take a back seat at some point but I refused to listen. I totally disagree!

Are you tired of people telling you the same? I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to listen. Trust me.

Over the years I’ve had some ups and downs when it comes to health, career and balancing a healthy relationship but I’ve managed through it and learned a lot along the way.

7 years ago I started on this health journey only to find out the healthier I ate, the sicker I got. I got tired, cranky and ultimately lived daily with hives that never stopped itching and made me feel like my skin was on fire. After 6 doctors and allergists, I finally found a Naturopath that understood what I was going through and was able to help.

Later I truly cleaned up my diet and was able to get rid of my hives but found that it’s a lot harder than it seems. You know that. Time makes things tough. Who has time to cook a healthy dinner every night, raise happy kids and make time for the husband at the end of the day too? It’s hard! I know this but I’m also here to tell you that it can be done.

Here are a few key tips to start:

  1. Ask for help! No, Mom, you don’t have to do it all yourself!
  2. Find pre-made healthy meals
  3. Use tools like an InstantPot, Air Fryer or Crockpot to make your life easier
  4. Get the kids involved with the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

These are just a few steps to get you started. I have many more like it and I learn more each and every day. I’d love to have you join me in my FREE Facebook group where I share tips and tricks daily, go live weekly and answer any questions you may have about doing it all too. Join me there!

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