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So if there is anything I learned from being a mom, wife, executive manager, and running a business on the side, it’s how to save time and money! Plus if there is one thing I love to do, it’s to hack my way to a better life. Learn from some of the ways I did it and get back some of your time. (Caution: there are some affiliate links and I do earn some money back with some. Just being transparent but I wouldn’t share with you if I didn’t enjoy them.)

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Save time and money with Sunbasket

Omg! I cannot tell you how many times Sunbasket has saved my life. For instance, recently we were traveling and not coming home until Monday evening. I had to get to work the next morning. There was no time for grocery shopping. That had to wait until the weekend. Since I new this was going to happen, I set up Sunbasket in advance and came home to 3 easily prepared meals and was able to cook the entire week. Try it out now… Visit Sunbasket

Daily Harvest

You know I love my Daily Harvest Smoothies! You’ve seen the pictures on Facebook. Get $25 off your first order… Use the Code RE-K4EH6TA

Thrive Market

I looooove Thrive Market. Here I order organic canned goods, spices, coffee, toilet paper and more. They have so many more varieties than I can find in the store. The best part is…I keep an ongoing list and when I get to $50 (free shipping) I make an order. A few days later it’s on my doorstep. This is the new way of shopping. Check it out use the link to Thrive now and get 25% off your first order!

Start your own website with WordPress

I love WordPress as you can see. I tried some other web hosting sites and did not love them so I continue to come back to WordPress due to the features and flexibility of the site. Try it out now… Visit WordPress