Work With Kristy

Kristy is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, enjoys coaching others on a healthy lifestyle and how to create what they define as their Best Lyfe Ever. She integrates Breathwork into her practice to help let go of limiting beliefs and energy that is holding her clients back.

Ways to Work Together

Single Breathing Sessions

During these single, online sessions I will lead you through a Breathing Session where we will work on moving stuck energy, open your heart and connect you to your intuition.

Single sessions are best for people looking for:

  • A more independent session which will allow for more time on your own to connect to your intuition and sort through the feelings that come up.
  • Someone who has worked with me in the past and is looking for a “tune up”

1:1 Best Lyfe Coaching Sessions

During our 1:1 sessions we will first define your goals. Then we will meet weekly to discuss your progress and conduct a breathing session.

1:1 is best for someone who is:

  • Going through a life change (career, relationship, parenthood, etc)
  • Has a specific goal they are looking to achieve and needs some extra support

Virtual Group Events

Monthly we have virtual breathwork online events available.

Private Groups

I am available if you are looking to put private group in place. This could be a team building activity, a group of friends or simply want a more private setting.

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