About me…

Hi I’m Kristy!

Over the years I have been on my own journey trying to find my place in this world. I’m still not sure I have truly found it but I certainly have been on quite a journey this entire time.

I finally feel like I’m the mom of 4 boys, wife, leader, etc that I want to be. (Well most of the time anyway) I always had this nagging feeling inside me that I wasnt’ living up to my potential or feeling like I was in my peak state. For years, I questioned myself, asking “Is this all there is to this life? To being a mother? Is this what it feels like to be older?” I knew in my heart there was something more. I have this feeling like you are feeling it too. The more I talk to women and moms, the more I found this isn’t just me.

I spent so many years doing what others said I should do or fighting against the current of my life instead of following my passion and my heart. I finally let go and boy did it feel good! I stopped living by others expectations and instead living by what felt right to me and for my family. I stopped being the mom I thought I SHOULD be and instead started to mom and lead with my heart.

I know… it sounds easier said than done and I won’t lie because it is hard! But that’s part of the process and why it feels so good in the end. If it was easy, we would not be growing out of our comfort zone and isn’t that why you are here? Because you’re not growing as a person? Stop running around in the hamster wheel already!

I’ve been coaching all of my adult life but I have been doing it for big corporations. I’ve finally decided to take what I have learned and help others in a more personal way. Due to some of my own issues I chose to become an Integrative Nutrition Coach and Breathing Coach to help heal myself.

After coaching here I found the souls journey to be even more healing. I have now become a Certified Akashic Record Reader and a Certified BQH Past Life Regression Hypnotist to go deeper into the healing.

This website has become an expression of me. If you know me, you know there are three things that have truly made an impact on my life. That’s traveling, bio-hacking my way to a better life, and Breathwork. Of course my family is a big part of all of this but I also understand the power of working on yourself. Without focus on becoming a better you, you can only be so good for the family.

So I hope you join me on this journey as we experience traveling, life hacking and learning to breathe again together. These are the 3 things that have created my Best Lyfe. What will yours be?

Through multiple modalities, I will help you uncover what defines your Best Lyfe. We will set goals and work together through the trauma and gunk that is holding you back because believe me, we all have gunk. Once we’ve cleared some of that, we will work closely on manifesting your wildest and craziest dreams. Are you in on this journey with me? Mom, your best lyfe does not start someday! It starts now! Stop just surviving and start thriving! I want to speak with you. Set up your FREE call now!