best lyfe ever



I’ve been on a self discovery mission for some time now. I’ve started a couple of other sites but something was always missing… my authentic self. My mission here is to provide women all over the world with the tools and resources to create their BEST LYFE EVER and to do so I need to start by bringing my authentic self. So here it is.

Some may be ready for this and others may not. But I’m finally in a place to provide my authentic self in hopes that it helps at least one person out there. If I achieve that then it’s all worth it. But I have a feeling there will be a bigger impact because I know there are others like me out there that are tired of sitting back and watching life pass them by. Tired of feeling like they’ve lost their passion and zest for life.

The best part about this is I’m just an average girl that’s accomplished a lot so far in this life and is on a mission to helps others accomplish their “more”. All too often we hear some of the best selling authors tell their story of how they reached bottom and risen up to accomplish some of the greatest achievements. I have soooo much respect for them and many of them have helped me get to where I am today. But I also know there are many out there like me who have been living small and are ready to rise up and make things happen. If you are one of those people, this is your spot. Get ready to create a movement and help the world live their BEST LYFE EVER!

By Kristy Kurek

Learning every day how to live my Best Lyfe Ever! I make mistakes and I learn. My mission is to help others create their Best Lyfe and learn to live life to the fullest!

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